February 28, 2024

Do-It-Yourself Projects

Excentric World looks at how people are attempting to save money by engaging in do-it-yourself projects. Popular television programs offer step-by-step instructions for the novice on everything from plumbing to gardening, from electrical wiring to painting. There is a show based on almost every aspect of home improvement.

This picture reminded one of our staff of an occasion when his mother was trying to convince his father to put oak paneling on the walls of their living room to add ambience to her Early American motif. He refused for weeks at every request. Finally, she took matters into her own hands and, one weekday morning, while he was at work and the children at school, she painted the walls a lovely pumpkin orange. Looking as if he had just witnessed a horrific traffic accident, his father turned to his wife and promised to take her shopping for paneling over the weekend. In this picture, it appears someone got the kids to do their dirty work for them.


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