April 17, 2024

Joy of Parenting 2

This is a continuation of the joy of parenting. While a parent can’t watch over their children 100% of the  time, certain precautions can help prevent accidents in and around the house. At first glance, this infant appears to be far too young and small to open a refrigerator door, reach up to the egg holder and take out a carton containing what appears to be a dozen raw chicken embryos. One can only assume the caretaker of this adorable child recently returned from grocery shopping, retrieving a dozen eggs that were left within the tiny person’s reach. Perhaps a quick trip to the bathroom for relief upon entering the home caused the baby’s custodian to leave the egg carton in the kid’s danger zone. All that is left now is to take the picture, have a good laugh and clean the mess. After all, guilt has been established and the child found innocent. Besides, this is great preparation for his future participation in college cafeteria food fights.


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