April 17, 2024

Dirty Children Make Healthy Adults?

Excentric World staff members take a look at why some children are more prone to diseases and infections than others. While not recommended by doctors, recent studies have shown that adults who, as children, played in creeks, ate dirt, licked their wounds and lied about washing their hands were less likely to fall ill to the common cold and were able to ward off the flu and infections.

The small child pictured may look forward to a healthy adulthood, taking tolerance building to a whole new level. Licking the snout of a pig may seem gross and disgusting at first, but antibodies being introduced to the child’s immune system give the photograph a more biological perspective. While Excentric World staff members fell short of encouraging their own children to go around licking pig snouts, they did reflect on their own childhood and their general health now as adults. Most recalled doing things that now make them shutter with disgust but wondering if their good health could possibly be attributed to their past nasty behavior.

*Never let your child lick a pig’s snout under any circumstances. Put down the camera down and pick up your child. Geez, people!

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