April 16, 2024

Ban the Bar Stool

Dear Frankly,

I am single, don’t want to be. I lack the two major cornerstones to change: the confidence to approach women, and the opportunities to meet them. I’m 25, reasonably good looking, intelligent and not entirely lacking in charm. In all other aspects of life I don’t lack confidence, but when it comes to women, I become a weak kneed wuss. I can’t even get off my stool at the bar to approach them. Can you suggest anything to help me?

Weak Kneed Wuss

Dear Weak,

I met my third husband at a bar. It was love at fourth cocktail. Of course, years later, when we sobered up, we realized we couldn’t stand each other. Unless you’re looking for a waitress or exotic dancer as a mate, I would suggest you find new locations to be weak kneed.

Dear Frankly,

I’m 23 years old and married with one child. I love my husband. I really do, but I still love my former fiance. He and I started talking again and he has just gotten married. I’m so jealous. I don’t think his wife could ever love him the way I do. We have talked a lot recently and he has told me that he still loves me, too. Our conversations have a lot of sexual innuendo. I want to meet with him soon. What should I do?

Wanting Willamina

Dear Wanting,

You don’t mention your child and husband much. The fact that you and your former lover never married should tell you something. Pursue this affair and you could be wrecking two homes. Stop calling this man and change your phone number, you selfish hussy.


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