April 16, 2024

BBQ Brouhaha

Dear Frankly,

My future mother-in-law has been good–non-interfering nor manipulative. Until now. She is in charge of the rehearsal dinner and instead of having it catered, she decided to host a barbeque. I was disappointed, but agreed. My fiancee and I gave her the list of guests. Now she says that she has six friends in town who she is including at the dinner. I told her to forget about the dinner, I would host it myself in a restaurant. Now she says that she won’t be there. Who’s right?

Soon-to-be Married

Dear Soon-to-be,

A barbecue sounds yummy. Looking at your accompanying pictures, I couldn’t help but notice the recently trimmed mullet hairdos and lack of front teeth. What better than ribs, chicken and beer for that perfect, back yard, Tiki torch, trailer soiree?

Dear Frankly,

My fiancee of three years has just told me that he is bisexual. He said that he has never told anyone else and has hidden it from me until now for fear I would dump him. I cried all night. I have many self-esteem problems of my own. He also said that if he were in my shoes, he would probably end the relationship. However, he also said he is glad that I haven’t. He promises me he will be true. What should I do?

Frightened Fiancee

Dear Frightened,

I remember telling my third husband that I was bisexual, hoping he’d leave me. Instead, he got aroused. I think you best end the relationship as soon as possible. Trust me, you don’t want to be the poor woman whose husband left her for another man.


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