April 17, 2024

Campy Former Partner

Dear Frankly,

I’ve been dating the woman I love for more than three years. Recently, she suggested we take a break. It’s been a couple of months now and I have only managed to reach her a few times by phone. She says I did nothing wrong, but she wants to figure things out. She also said she has been hanging out with an old friend. They have been camping and to concerts, but has only kissed him. Should I try to win her favor or let her go?

Depressed Dave

Dear Depressed,

Let her go. I’ve found that when a former partner camps out with someone else, it’s a good sign it’s over. You’ve heard the saying, “There’s plenty of fish in the sea.” Well, honey, take out your trusty rod, cast your line into the water and see if you can’t get yourself a nibble.

Dear Frankly,

My husband and I have been married four years. We are both in our 20s. Everything is great between us — except sex. As far as he is concerned it’s fine, but I am not satisfied. It may seem odd to hear the female wants to have sex more frequently than a young, healthy male, but that’s the case. At work I get frequent remarks about what a beautiful woman I am, making it hard to believe that I don’t attract him. What should I do to arouse him?

Horny Harriet

Dear Horny,

Men don’t own the market on physical pleasure. For eons, everyone acted as if only men had sex. My fourth husband had troubling keeping up with my desires and needs. I recommend first seeing a sex therapist, then a plumber, then a letter carrier, then the pool boy.


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