April 17, 2024

Communication Gap

Dear Frankly,

There is a communication gap between my husband and me. We have been married for 22 years. During the last 5 years, things seem to have been breaking down more and more between us. We don’t have a decent conversation for more than 2 minutes. My eldest daughter asked us some time back why we don’t just get divorced as there is no communication between us anymore. How do I rectify this?

Wordless Wendy

Dear Wordless,

I fail to see the problem, dear. My fifth husband and I barely said “boo” after we said “I do.” Of course, once the clothes were off we burned the sheets until one of us cried “uncle,” but that was about the extent of our conversation. Now, my sixth husband talked himself to death.

Dear Frankly,

I have recently fallen in love with a married man. He also says he is in love with me, but can’t seem to bring himself to leave his wife. He says they don’t make love any longer and there are no children to get hurt if they split. I love him with all my heart. I believe we are true soul mates and have too much in common to just give this up. What should I do? How long should I wait for him?

Frustrated Florita

Dear Frustrated,

You give him exactly what he needs: a little attention with sex on the side. His wife probably gives him a sense of security, dominates the relationship and takes care of his domestic needs. He has the best of both worlds. I would approach his wife and ask her if you could move in to save on rent and gas.


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