April 17, 2024

Missing in Action

Dear Frankly,

My soon-to-be-husband called and suggested getting together. We agreed to meet at his apartment. So, I went home, rushed through my evening tasks, and went to his apartment. He was not there, so I let myself in, fed the dog and settled in. Two hours later – no boyfriend. I left a voice mail on his cell phone and went home. I have not heard from him in two days and I am boiling mad. This is the second time this has happened. What should I do?

Ticked Terry

Dear Ticked,

Before he was my fourth husband, Frank pulled the same thing on me. I turned the tables by inviting him and a good looking male friend over the same night. I flirted with the friend all evening, telling Frank it was like he wasn’t even there. Get it?

Dear Frankly,

There is a man I just can’t stop thinking about. We flirt and enjoy ourselves when we see each other at the local bar. About a year ago, we went home together. Since then, we had two other nights together. We don’t date, or even talk on the phone. We just see each other at the bar. I discovered recently he is engaged. A friend of mine confronted him and he denied it. My problem is that he is soooo nice to me. I really have fun with this guy. What should I do?

Befuddled Barbi

Dear Befuddled,

I suppose you could cut down on your drinking. Try to imagine you were his fiancee. Then picture the feelings you would have for the tramp who was flirting with him and occasionally boinking him. Well, you’re that tramp, sweetie.


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