April 16, 2024

38 and Never Been Kissed!

Dear Frankly,

I’m a 38 year old guy who, for whatever reason, has never kissed a woman. I know it is hard to believe, even laughable, but I’ve just never had the best of luck with the ladies. I’m not socially awkward–I can carry on a conversation and I’m fairly attractive, but I have never had that “first kiss” moment. I’ve avoided talking about my problem with friends, for fear of being looked down upon. What can I do to get in the game?

Past My Prime

Dear Past My,

Good gracious. A woman almost always waits for her date to make the first move. If you’ve gone this long without kissing, I assume you’re nearing becoming the “Forty-Year-Old Virgin.” Perhaps you should write a book and screenplay. Or you might start your own YMCA.

Dear Frankly,

It may be a cliché, but I have had too many “dates from hell” and have begun to lose all hope of getting asked out by a “nice, normal” guy. I fear that something I am doing has led to my pattern of meeting cheapskates, mama’s boys, narcissists, sociopaths, stalkers and other types that would cause an emotionally healthy woman to run. I meet men through my online ad, in which I try to be up front about myself and what I am looking for from a man and a future relationship. What to do?

Home Alone

Dear Home,

The first thing I would do is stop dating online and get out to the bars where the real men are. Also, I saw the picture you posted. If you really still look that good, you should have no trouble picking guys up in church.


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