April 16, 2024

Preventing Premature Yoga Postures

Dear Frankly,

I’m a 26 year old, successful, professional female with no children. I met the man I would like to marry last weekend at my art exhibit. We are both visual artists. We talked art and there was light flirtation (my mother was there). Parting, he took my business card and asked me to email him. I did, and asked him when his next visit to my city would be, and he quickly replied with the date he would be back in town. It’s been two days and I have not heard back from him. What should I do?

Head Over Heels

Dear Head,

You just met this guy, talked with him for a few minutes, emailed him and want to marry him? You signed your letter “Head Over Heels.” I believe you are far too willing to put your heels over your head, dear.

Dear Frankly,

My boyfriend and I broke up recently over the phone. For the last nine months we were together, I felt extremely uncomfortable about telling him what was lacking in our relationship. I finally got up the courage to share my wants and needs with him. Unfortunately, I did not receive any feedback nor see any improvement. He never really opened up with me, so I constantly reminded him about my feelings. He finally gave up and told me that he was unable to provide the emotional support I deserve. Was I wrong?

All Alone

Dear All,

You finally nagged this guy into breaking up with you and now you’re sorry? It took you nine months to accomplish what I did in two weeks with my third husband.


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