February 28, 2024

Self-absorbed Supervisor

Dear Frankly,

I work with a man who is self centered and conceited. He is also a department supervisor. He is always talking about himself and never listens to anyone about anything. Since he is such a witty person, people are spellbound by his conversations when they first meet him. After a while, it begins to wear thin. He corners anyone passing by and rambles on forever, if allowed. How can we stop him without losing our jobs?

Beyond Bored Barbara

Dear Beyond,

My fourth husband worked for man just like that. Once, at a company gathering, I befriended his wife. it turns out that when at home he does all the listening. From that point on, all request to alter his behavior went through his wife. He was a new man in no time.

Dear Frankly,

The woman I’m dating is very neat. Everything in her apartment is in perfect order. She washes the dishes right after we eat. She doesn’t relax when anything is out of place. She’s intelligent, witty and fun to talk with. However, she straightens my clothing, sews on buttons, clips hanging threads, and even plucks my ear hairs. I like it, but it makes me anxious. I am not sure what to? Any ideas?

Mostly Messy Michael

Dear Mostly,

Ever heard the saying about looking gift a horse in th mouth? You’re simply being a horse’s ass. The woman must be attractive or you wouldn’t have dated her in the first place. She is clean and neat and obviously attracted to you or she would have left long ago. Run out this minute and buy a big diamond.

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