April 17, 2024

Ancient Alien Canals Used by Extraterrestrials

Q: I read where an archeologist has recently identified a boatload of sites that he calls ancient channels, canals, and harbors. The bulk of them seem to be located from Tampa down to Ft. Myers. The sites are now a few feet underwater and show banks and edges that indicate they were built before the sea level rise six to seven thousand years ago. Could these actually be ancient alien canals used by extraterrestrials to traverse the Atlantic seaboard, perhaps from Florida to the Bahamas?

A: If they were found in Florida, I would look for a UFO with its right turn signal stuck in the “on” position.


Q: I have a friend who believes that plants are an intelligent life. She walks around talking to her plants and treating them as if they were pets. She also is quick to point out that they were the only living organisms that could survive on Earth on their own. Is she right?

A: It seems you are evidence enough that humans could not exist more than a few days without outside influence. I believe plants have intelligence. I just hope they don’t stay up late nights talking about me.


Q: Have people given up finding definitive evidence of the existence of Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Momo, Yeti, Yowie, the Abominable Snowman? I haven’t seen too much in the news about sightings of the huge man-beast in recent months. Could it be that they never really existed, or could they have returned so deep into the forest that they are no longer visible to the casual hiker or camper?

A: Who knows? It could be that there has been so much snow this winter that they, too, are still digging out of 20-foot snow banks.


Q: A friend and I were having a conversation about life after death. Centuries of accounts, documentation and research support the fact that there is a soul, and this soul survives the physical death of the body. Physicists state that energy can never be destroyed, just changed. Consciousness, which is the pure energy of the human brain, outlasts death and moves on to other realities, planes of existence and dimensions. I believe that leaves only one question. Is our energy connected to a god or is it just a natural phenomenon?

A: Haven’t got a clue. As a friend of mine always says, “No one has come back with a video of life after death.” I sincerely do hope the energy changes because some people could do with a serious energy make over.


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