April 17, 2024

Cripple Creek, Colorado Is the Most Haunted City in America

Q: I read that Cripple Creek, CO is the most haunted city in America. Given its history, complete with mining accidents, floods, fires, lawlessness and bloody battles between mine owners and labor unions, it isn’t so hard to imagine there may be ghosts who continue to wander the town. A famous apparition is “Maggie” at the Colorado Grande Casino and Maggie’s Restaurant. Staff in other cripple Creek buildings claim to have ghosts pull their hair and rearrange store supplies. Could the entire city be haunted?

A: My only experience with Cripple Creek is from “The Band.”


Q: I heard that some of the most haunted roads in the world are in England, where eyes appear behind bushes, a monk appears to be jumping from a bridge, phantoms hitchhiking, and menacing animals and in the United states, which has more roadways than any country in the world. There are stretches of U.S. highways where KKK, Civil war soldiers, faceless hitchhikers, wild dogs, witches and Native Americans continue to haunt drivers. Do some ghosts particularly like to spook drivers?

A: Could be. Or it could be they’re just tired of walking.


Q: The origin of Halloween is said to be a ceremony honoring ancestors, a day of the dead, a time when the veils between the worlds were thinner, and many could “see” the other side of life. The Celts believed the normal laws of space and time were held in abeyance during this time, allowing a window where the spirit world could intermingle with the living. How did we get to candy and hero costumes?

A: As the Church took hold in Europe, ancient Pagan rituals were co-opted into festivals. A festival for blessed dead was created, all those hallowed. So, All Hallow’s, was transformed into All Saints and All Souls day. Somehow when religion gets involved with festivals, we end up with costumes, candy and presents–remember Christmas and Easter?


Q: In the 8th Century, a woman named Valborg founded the Catholic convent of Heidenheim in Wurtemburg, Germany, later becoming a nun, known for speaking out against witchcraft and sorcery. She was canonized a saint in 779. Since the celebration of her sainthood and the old Viking festival occurred around the same time, a hybrid pagan-Catholic celebration became known as Walpurgis Nigh, like Halloween in May. Is this still celebrated?

A: Maybe in Germany, but America only has so much candy.


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