April 16, 2024

Different Types of Aliens

Q: I understand there are a number of species of aliens: 3 types of Greys, Reptilians, 3 Human Type Aliens (includes non-Earth born and Earth-born types, as well as genetically modified Earth-born types broken down to workers and technicians), Human/Grey Hybrids and Sasquatch. I have personally been exposed to 4 of these species in the Sedona area while meditating on a vortex. Are you aware of any others?

A: As you may well know, Sedona Sid, The Alien Kid is Reptilian, but one of the good ones. You left out Politicians and Bureaucrats.


Q: I know there are many people who claim to have seen or heard ghosts. I was wondering if there was anything they had in common. Are they mostly from working families or are they blue bloods? What level of education and what area of the country do they hail from? Any similar traits?

A: Since I receive letters from all over the world, I would be hard pressed to determine their education, social or geographical status. I can tell you, most of them are atrocious spellers, at least the ones who write in English.


Q: I read about a ghost hunt at Hopetoun House, a Scottish castle. A figure had been seen in the staff toilets in the main part of the building. Allegedly, a young chef was in the toilets when the lights went out. As the emergency lights came on, he turned to see a figure reflected in the mirror behind him. Ghost hunters found nothing. What would a ghost want in the bathroom?

A: When you gotta go, you gotta go. How should I know? Ghosts are reportedly seen everywhere: kitchens, hallways, bedrooms. I think the sightings probably take place in whatever setting the observer happens to be in when they experience their hallucination.


Q: Known to the local aboriginal inhabitants as “Kalkajaka” or Place of the Spears, the unknown depths of the mountains’ caves keep the ridges of Black Mountain, Queensland, Australia shrouded in mystery. It seems that the granite boulders have held their eerie demeanor since the beginning of time. Indeed few who venture into the mountains are ever seen or heard of again. Do you know of anyone who has lived to tell their Black Mountain tail?

A: Is that where, in some movie, Meryl Streep lost her baby and some strange woman told her, “Maybe a dingo ate your baby?” Is that the place?


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