April 17, 2024

Missing Time after a Trip to Walgreen’s

Q: I was at a neighborhood gathering where the conversation of time-lapse came up. This couple shared a story of how they recently went together to a Walgreens, their doctor’s office and several other places with no recollection of any of them. I have heard of examples of people missing time for a few minutes or longer, but not for an entire day. This is disturbing. Are you aware of similar events taking place over an entire day?

A: If Walgreens was the first stop, where perhaps they picked up a prescription, what disturbs me most is that they drove to all these locations.


Q: I was reading an article where an alleged paranormal professional was explaining why people have never captured Bigfoot, Nessie, Sasquatch, werewolves, Chupacabra, sea-serpents, Mothman, the Yeti, the Jersey Devil and countless more. There hasn’t been anyone able to even get a clear picture that can’t be discredited. According to this article, the expert calls the sightings Tulpas. He claims that people imagine these monsters for days or weeks and then suddenly they appear, or appear to appear. They may just be figments of your imagination manifested in others. Do you buy that as a valid explanation?

A: Seems as good an explanation as any other. Maybe the people who spotted these monsters went to Walgreens for medication prior to the sighting.


Q: I read where 55 percent of those polled in Washington state said, “Yes, UFOs exist.” And, 32 percent said they’ve either seen a UFO or know someone who did. I don’t think that residents of Washington are typical, but these high numbers leave me thinking that perhaps close to half of educated people may believe in extraterrestrials. Which half do you side with?

A: I would have to say both. I believe Earth was visited by aliens. They came, they saw, they split.


Q: I saw an interview with a woman who visited her dentist, was put under anesthesia and had several teeth removed. When the drugs wore off, the woman, an Oregonian most of her life who had never traveled abroad, was now speaking with some sort of foreign accent. The director of the Providence Stroke Center in Portland diagnosed her with foreign accent syndrome, a rare neurological disorder. Have you heard of this anyone having this affliction before?

A: Blimey, aven’t a clue. Odd bird, she. It’s as queer as a nine bob note.



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