April 17, 2024

Humorous Crop Formation Discovered

Q: I recently read about a humorous crop formation discovered in a corn field near Wiltshire, UK depicting an alien smoking a pipe. When intricate crop circles first started appearing in the 1980s, I was utterly amazed and mystified, but not convinced they were created by extraterrestrials, as some believe. But I was puzzled by how the sometimes amazingly complex (and huge) formations could have been made by people. Do you believe these are man made or from outer space visitors?

A: I’m not sure. The smoking gun may be the smoking alien circle.


Q: I heard that Serbian police were deployed to prevent an increasing number of locals from gathering at the location of a ghost sighting. Some came to offer prayers and help the family, while others were just curious. The home owners asked people to stay away, as it irritated the ghosts. Reports from the region used the Arabic word “jinn” to describe the alleged phenomenon. Religious leaders may have been summoned to remove the spirit. Have you heard of jinns haunting Muslim homes before?

A: Since people from all religions die, ghosts from all religions haunt. Now, what might be interesting is a Baptist ghost haunting a Mormon house.


Q: I read that Ohio is one of the top sites to have Bigfoot sightings, which, according to Bigfoot enthusiasts shows the creatures are nomadic in nature, considering the sightings across the country which used to be focused in the northwest corner in states such as Washington and Oregon. Since much of the country is laden with thick forests, doesn’t that put Bigfoot just about in every state, except maybe Texas, where they would be called Really Bigfoot since everything is larger there?

A: Whew! It’s a good thing our headquarters are in the thriving metropolis of Sedona.


Q: According to a recent report, scientific literature has come to the conclusion that the major source of the copper that swept through the European Bronze Age after 2500 BC is unknown. However, these studies claim that the 10 tons of copper oxhide ingots recovered from the late Bronze Age (1300 BC) Uluburun shipwreck off the coast of Turkey was “extraordinarily pure” (more than 99.5% pure), and was not the product of smelting from ore. Only Michigan Copper is of this purity, and it is known to have been mined in enormous quantities during the Bronze Age. What gives?

A: If they give it back, it might help solve their unemployment issues.


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