April 17, 2024

Intelligent Life on Jupiter?

Q: I read about a new robotic submarine being developed by NASA to explore the oceans of one of Jupiter’s moons. This submarine is on test at the moment in a lake in Texas. Finding life elsewhere in the solar system would be a vital bolster to the Panspermia theory, the theory that intelligent life came from another planet or solar system. Do you think they’ll find intelligent life on Jupiter?

A: Who knows? I’m amazed they found intelligent life in Texas.

Q: My brother told me about a man who was contracted by the Department of Natural Resources to pick up road kill in Eureka, California recently. He went to the Washington County Sheriff’s Department to file a report at about 4 am one morning that a 7-foot-tall “animal” had taken a deer out of the back of his pickup truck. Do you think Bigfoot was the culprit?

A: Nope. Everyone knows Sasquatch is a vegan. I think the road kill remover might have taken a nip or two of the fermented Eureka grape.

Q: I recently stumbled upon a book about the Rosicrucians. They grew out of the confluence of alchemists, Christian Kabbalists and religious reformers that swept through Europe in the 1500’s as a result of the spread of the printing press. The final book is “Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians of the 16th and 17th Centuries.” According to current Rosicrucians, the aim at the present day is to afford mutual aid and encouragement in working out the great problems of Life, and in discovering the Secrets of Nature; to facilitate the study of the system of Philosophy founded upon the Kabalah. Have you heard of this group?

A: Yes. Turns out their Society and the Zoroastrians are quite possibly the only two religions, churches or faiths not represented in Sedona.

Q: While drinking champagne on the beach recently, enjoying the fire, I began to notice something odd over my date’s shoulder, on the pitch black horizon. There was some vague, undulating, red glow, apparently on the water. Christine and I talked, and for some 10 minutes or so I watched it behind her: changing shape, fading in and out and never getting very bright. Has anyone else reported this phenomenon?

A: Nope. There were quite a few similar sightings, but no undulating.


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