April 17, 2024

Is CPD for Real?

Q: C.P.D. is a group of full time, off duty, certified Police Officers and Evidence Technicians who specialize in Paranormal Investigations. Unlike “ghost hunting” organizations, C.P.D. does not post pictures, host tours or release any information which their clients wish to be held in confidence. C.P.D. will provide a copy of any evidence captured from their own personal investigations. Their clients’ concerns, privacy and dignity are their top priorities. C.P.D. services are provided without cost. “If you are experiencing a haunting or any other type of paranormal activity, you are not alone. Our procedure is to examine each case with open minds, objectivity and without bias. Once the investigation is completed, investigators will analyze all data.” Are these guys for real?

A: Probably. And at least their clients are getting their money’s worth.


Q: Florida ghost hunters are rallying to save the Seven Sisters Inn, the historic–and reportedly haunted–bed and breakfast that faces foreclosure if it is not sold by April 7. Southeastern Paranormal Investigations, known as SEPI, an Ocala-based group that offers ghost tours, has launched an online petition urging the inn’s mortgage holder to extend the foreclosure deadline. If successful, they plan to hold fundraisers to save the inn. Have you ever stayed at a haunted inn before?

A: I stayed at the Jerome Grand Hotel. Many say it is haunted. But I am more interested in declaring a place haunted to avoid foreclosure. I may have to suggest this to a few of my friends currently underwater.


Q: I read an exciting tale about a man, John Lee, accused of murdering his female employer in 19th century South Devon in Southwest England. He proclaimed his innocence and was nicknamed The Man They Could Not Hang, as the gallows trapdoor failed to open on three consecutive attempts. He spent 23 years in prison, and for those 23 years and since stories of witchcraft and sorcery followed him to his grave in Milwaukee, WI in 1945. Are you familiar with the story of John Babbacombe Lee?

A: I am now. It all sounds credible, except his becoming a Cheesehead.


Q: Salty water has been detected on a leg of the Mars Phoenix Lander and therefore could be present elsewhere on the planet, according mission scientists led by a University of Michigan professor. What say you?

A: How do they know it’s salty? Who tasted it? Isn’t the Lander still there?


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