February 28, 2024

Money Raining Down from the Sky

Q: There are many documented instances of money raining down from the skies. During a storm in August, 1940, numerous coins fell on the Meshchera region of Russia. In 1956, pennies and halfpennies plopped down on children in Hanham, England as they were heading home from school. And in 1976, two clergymen watched as 2,000 marks worth of banknotes fluttered down from a clear sky in Limburg, West Germany. What do you think caused these occurrences?

A: I haven’t a clue. However, the meager amounts lead me to believe times are tight even in the heavens.


Q: By injecting human embryonic stem cells into the brains of fetal mice inside the womb, scientists in California have created living mice with working human brain cells inside their skulls. Have any benefits been realized from these recent experiments?

A: Not yet. The mice, now teenaged, are showing signs of deficient communication skills, seem to always be late and have a craving for cannabis.


Q: I found a website that is a contest on predictions of celebrities who will die in the upcoming year. That’s kind of creepy, you know, people gambling on who’s going to bite the dust next year. Have you ever thought of listing 10 famous people you think might die in 2013?

A: A company worked with the Pentagon on a futures market that would allow anonymous speculators to bet on assassinations and terrorist attacks in early 2005. President Bush gambled lives and money on a Middle East run at democracy. Why not give odds on Nick Nolte’s,¬†Glen Campbell’s and Dianna Ross’s driving habits?


Q: Ghost Whisperer, starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, is a TV show where Hewitt portrays a young newlywed who interacts with the spirits of the recently departed. While the show offers touching moments, usually at the end, between the befuddled spirit and the living relative or loved one it needs to contact, it seems to lack substance and sincerity. Have you seen the show? What do you think?

A: I’ve seen the show a number of times. I am always impressed that once Hewitt’s character gets to know the spirit better, out comes the cleavage.


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