April 17, 2024

Pennies From Heaven

Q: I read about a man who claims he saw pennies fall from the sky. His story is he was walking around, no buildings nearby, and first heard metallic sounds from the ground and then discovered pennies. Then he was pelted by even more pennies coming from seemingly nowhere. He mentioned that the pennies were warm. I know there is an old song called “Pennies From Heaven,” but this just sounds zany. Is there any documented case of money falling from the skies?

A: I suppose. I think if I found warm pennies that fell from the sky, I would assume someone flushed them from an airplane toilet and would leave them there.

Q: Someone told me about the coming weekend in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where the second annual Conference on the Rite of Exorcisms in the Latin Church is to take place. They also said that the conference is not open to the general public, but only those priests who are currently “engaged in the church’s pastoral care of those afflicted by extraordinary demonic activity.” Are you aware of any priests planning to attend?

A: Nope. I do, however, know a few that could volunteer for rites.

Q: I saw where Tasmanian numerologists, psychics and spiritualists are preparing for big things in 2012. From cataclysmic events to the coming of world peace, the year will be a time of great change, they say. Religious groups, psychics and followers of the ancient Mayan calendar have long predicted 2012 will mark the end of the world. Tasmanian psychic Jason Betts said he published an annual list of 10 key predictions and said history has proved his 50 per cent accuracy rate. Any predictions from Sedona that have come true this year?

A: Yes. No one will, under any circumstances, travel to Tasmania in 2012.

Q: I heard a story about archaeologists discovering mysterious stone carvings at an excavation site in Jerusalem. The carvings, which were engraved thousands of years ago, have baffled experts. Israeli archaeologists excavating in the oldest part of the city discovered a complex of rooms with three “V” shapes carved into the floor. Yet there were no other clues as to their purpose and nothing to identity the people who made them. Any thoughts?

A: The Hebrew letter that looked like the letter V would probably have been Ayin, which is silent. The number assigned to this letter is 70. Other than that, I could only guess that they were bad directions for the way out.


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