September 28, 2023

Strange Invertebrate Animals in Vegas

Q: I read about a woman who saw a bunch of strange holes near a dumpster in Las Vegas while emptying her trash. Invertebrate animals started poking their heads through the holes. The eyes opened, then the creatures began to move, and she instinctively stepped back. The animals slowly began to sway the top of their bodies back and forth as they stretched upward toward the sky, all the while slowly blinking. Have you heard of such creatures?

A: I had a dream exactly like this after spending hours at a five year old’s birthday party in a Chucky Cheese playing Whack A Mole.


Q: A friend of mine came back from vacationing in the Gobi Desert. He told me villagers there were deathly afraid of a poisonous snake. It lives beneath the sands of the Gobi Desert in southern Mongolia. The blood-red creature surfaces only occasionally, but when it does – beware. The Mongolian Death Worm lives up to its name. It spits a yellow, acid-like saliva at its victims. And should you get close enough to touch it, you’re dead, for the Mongolian Death Worm can pump out electricity powerful enough to kill a camel. Natives of the area call the worm Allghoi khorkhoi. The name means “intestine worm.” Is this creature for real or could it be just a local legend?

A: I have many friends who describe their in-laws in much the same way.


Q: The amomongo (gorilla) is a creature of Philippine cryptozoology described as a hairy, man-sized and ape like with long nails. Terror is gripping residents of haciendas in the Philippines, following the reported existence of a gorilla-like creature, who recently attacked two residents and disemboweled animals in the area. Suggestions were made to set a trap for the creature with live chickens and goats. Is that a sound solution?

A: Most certainly not from the position of the chickens and goats.


Q: I had always struggled to get birds into my garden. About six months ago, about an hour after being told my father had died, a blackbird appeared in my garden. He was near the house and hopping around quite happily. I instantly thought, it’s dad! Following that, myself and my family noticed odd blackbird sightings, even at the funeral. I now have a few which come to the garden and a particular one which sits on a rooftop singing. I know dad is with me always. Has anyone related a similar story to you?

A: Not in the same way. I must tell you that you might find a BB in your dad’s butt, as I think I caught him and his friends eating my apricots off the tree.


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