April 16, 2024

Tennessee is Bigfoot Country

Q: Tennessee is known for many things, from Nashville’s Country Music and Tennessee Whiskey to the beautiful fall foliage of the Appalachian Mountains. But unknown to many is the fact Tennessee is Bigfoot Country. In the County of Monroe and the town of Madisonville, claims of Bigfoot exist. A book describes the Tennessee Bigfoot, their mating habits and rituals. Are there photos to back up these claims?

A: None that we know of. It seems they have not socially evolved enough to sit for a family portrait.


Q: According to some, we live on the earth’s crust, while there is another world on the inside where lies they say the realm of Agartha, the home of the King of the World. Do you think the earth is solid or hollow? If it is hollow could there be another world of beings there?

A: I believe in the philosophy, “Some times you feel like a nut. Some times you don’t.” If the earth is hollow and there is life below, they are welcome to it. The summers here are hot enough.


Q: I recently saw a really cool picture of the possible existence of Bigfoot in Johor, Malaysia. Some cryptozoologists who have seen the pictures think they have been doctored, while others feel these are proof of the real thing. What do you think?

A: I have seen the photographs. They appear real. I have trouble with the audio tape. It seems the Johor Bigfoot has a Tennessee accent. Suspicious.


Q: An author and self-described “ufologist” says more Canadians than ever are convinced they’re seeing unusual objects even alien spacecraft in the firmament. From 1994 to 2004, official Canadian UFO accounts more than quadrupled, from 189 to 882, as sighters took advantage of the convenience and anonymity afforded by the growing number of UFO reporting sites on the Internet. What could possibly account for the increase in Canadian sightings? During the same period of time UFO sightings across America have declined.

A: Two things come to mind: defecting extraterrestrials upset with American politics and aging extraterrestrials looking for cheaper meds. Of course, it could just be a case of UFO outsourcing.


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