February 27, 2024

Does The Thunder Know the Hotel Is Haunted?

Q: I read that back in January, the New York Knicks spent two nights at the Skirvin Hotel in downtown Oklahoma City, and then blamed their hotel for a loss to the Oklahoma Thunder because the hotel is haunted. The Lakers, up 2-0 after a couple of home games, went into Oklahoma, staying at the Skirvin Hotel. The series is now tied at 2-2. Could it be the Thunder knows the hotel is haunted and purposely puts up their opponents there?

A: If the Thunder won every home game and their opponents all stayed at the same hotel, I would have to consider it–or the Thunder pays people to spook their rivals when they stay there. Sounds like a great job.


Q: I found an article that reported on an Australian journalist that ventured deep into the heart of Gaza and uncovered a world of fortune tellers and spiritual healers, a world where evil spirits, or Djinns (genies), take possession of the bodies of unsuspecting locals. Locals like Fadi Hussein, a former Palestinian policeman who lost his job after he was possessed by an evil Christian Djinn from Israel called George. Could an exorcism rid him of his possession?

A: I think an exorcist could rid him of all his worldly possessions. Everyone knows there’s no such spirit as a Christian from Israel by that name. George is Greek for farmer. A policeman possessed by an evil farmer? Nah.


Q: A hostess at a Montana vacation ranch recorded details of a Bigfoot encounter. She recalls that a guest was playing the oboe, later that night there was a growl followed by an unpleasant odor. These are signs of a Bigfoot in the area so the hostess spoke with a local Bigfoot expert who told her these sounds and smells are often encountered when a Bigfoot is near. An odor of rotten eggs as well as an unfamiliar growl or other animal like sound is often reported. Could this have been another Bigfoot encounter?

A: I’m not sure there is such a thing as a Bigfoot expert. I know after a night of fajitas and refried beans, there is often an odor of rotten eggs and some unfamiliar growling. I also respond that way after the playing of an oboe.


Q: In the Deep South, I have discovered a huge following of people who have either been witnesses to strange events, or believe in them for some other reason. Why is it that the South appears to be such a hotbed for paranormal activity?

A: Southern spirits don’t travel North much because of their extreme drawl.



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