April 17, 2024

Trailer Haunted by Ghosts from a Nearby Graveyard

Q: I read that while shooting his latest film ‘Dog Fight’ in New Orleans, Will Ferrell reported hearing sounds in his trailer. After security cleared the trailer, Ferrell returned only to hear noises coming from the bathroom. Eerie, rattling noises forced the actor the declare the trailer was haunted by ghosts from a nearby graveyard. He returned to the set after producers brought in a new trailer. Why do you think ghosts would taunt Will Ferrell?

A: My guess is that the ghosts may have been film critics that had seen some of his movies.


Q: In a recent article, I discovered that the abundance of wilderness in South Texas is one reason Big Foot could be there. With an abundance of food and hiding places, it’s just the way Big Foot likes it. Avoiding human beings, they have chosen these remote and inaccessible areas. Structures in woods, alleged hair samples and talk of soon-to-be released DNA may lend credibility to Big Foot’s existence. But some of the most compelling evidence are casts of footprints, much larger and flatter than a human foot. Could it be that Sasquatch lives in the deep wood of Texas?

A: I suspect Bigfoot may exist, but I doubt they live in Texas, except maybe Austin or San Antonio. As for the footprint–could be a basketball player’s.


Q: I found this article hard to believe. According to a government minister in Zimbabwe, work has stopped on new reservoirs because workers have been scared off by mermaids and were refusing to return to the sites. The building of the reservoirs is long overdue, but is considered essential if Zimbabwe is to provide adequate water. The belief in mermaids and other mythical creatures is widespread in the country, where many people combine a Christian faith with traditional beliefs. Any reports like this in the states?

A:Actually, some government officials in America are starting rumors that mermaids have been seen around crumbling bridges to encourage passage of infrastructure monies.


Q: I am curious. I heard that ancient Egyptian priests are said to have kept sacred cats and used them to predict the future. While some wiccans believe that pets can predict the future, there are studies contradicting that perception. So, do pets really have extra sensory powers that we are not aware of?

A: I don’t know. Our dog always knew when we were within a few miles of our home. She may have been keenly aware of or able to read road signs.


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