January 21, 2021

UFO In the Middle of Nowhere

Q: I was walking back to my motor home after wild boar hunting in an unpopulated area in Texas last year. The sky was clear; wind calm and the sun had just set when I saw what I believe was a UFO. The object approached from the south-southwest and while moving north-northeast, passed almost directly overhead making no sound whatsoever. I estimate its altitude to be somewhere about 800 feet and its airspeed speed approximately 30 mph. I aimed my rifle at it and through the rifle scope, which was set on 8.5 power, I could clearly see surface detail in explicit detail these three words, “EMERGENCY RELEASE and RESCUE.” Is this craft ours? What were they doing out there in the middle of nowhere?

A: They were probably rounding up javelina, a known Pleaedian delicacy.


Q: It’s hard to believe, but not too long ago, few people outside of Nevada had heard of Area 51, the secret military base that turns 50 years old this month. Why is it that millions of people aren’t flocking to Secret Mountain in Sedona where I’ve heard the military runs a clandestine camp for wayward extraterrestrials and UFOs are spotted coming and going almost nightly? Do you think the tourists know about Secret Mountain?

A: Hey! What happens in Sedona stays in Sedona.


Q: Hiking in the middle of the woods recently, two hours west of Naches, Washington, miles away from the nearest pay phone, I found myself clumsily taking large steps in the dark forest, dimly lit by starlight. Not twenty feet from me was a Bigfoot–tall and hairy, dashing and darting through the trees like a basketball center on a fast break. Did anyone else report this?

A: No. It sounds like you may have spotted Dennis Rodman. Pay phone? Haven’t experienced Sasquatch hunters heard of cell phones with cameras?


Q: I read that UFO experiences are interactions with interdimensional beings that have always existed among us–invisible hands toying with human society from a different level of consciousness. UFOs are not flying discs from other planets, and not just a physical phenomenon. It’s a sociological, spiritual and psychic experience all wrapped up into one. Do you have any thoughts on Jacques Vallee’s theories?

A: Sure. He has a fancy shmancy way of saying it’s all mental.


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