April 25, 2024

UFO Sighting at Myrtle Beach

Q: I had a very odd experience in Myrtle Beach, SC, in September 2003. My wife and I went there for a week on vacation. Around 12:30am, my wife was asleep and I was up watching television. Our balcony door was open, so I could still hear the ocean. Looking out, I spotted a large, bright, red object as large as the full moon hovering way out over the ocean, just above the horizon. Then, out of nowhere, two military fighter jets flew over and made a beeline straight toward the object, which suddenly burst straight up into the sky and flashed out! Did anyone else report this UFO sighting?

A: Not to me. But then I have kind of been busy since September, 2003.


Q: In January, 2003. My son “Jason,” who was 1½ years old, was sick and sleeping in my bed with me. It was about 2:20 in the morning when I heard my grandfather’s distinct voice yell in my ear, “Wake up and check on Jason!” My grandfather had passed away just months before. I shot up in bed and looked at my son. His head was under the pillow. When I removed the pillow, he let out a huge gasp for air. Was this mother’s intuition or did I hear the voice of my deceased grandfather?

A: Difficult to say. A mother’s intuition is very powerful. Either way, so far, it’s turned out to be a heck of a year.


Q: A friend of mine had a bad luck coin incident recently. While working at a general store, an older man asked to change a dollar bill for him. The man noted the year on the coin, 2003, and commented that his wife passed away that year. My friend later stepped on the market’s porch to find the man struggling to get a candy bar from a vending machine. Offering to help, he pulled the machine’s handle, simultaneously stepping into a water puddle. A loose electrical wire swept by and my friend received a serious jolt. The old man said that was what he got for being young. Was the coin jinxed?

A: I doubt it. Sounds like your friend just had a shocking experience.


Q: I was living in Farmington, Missouri in 2003 in the middle of the woods. Our backyard was covered with huge trees. One day, while looking out a window, I noticed a young girl about 50 feet high in one of the oldest trees. There was no way this tree could be climbed. I had tried many times. I went to get my dad. When I returned she was gone. Was she my guardian angel, a ghost or, almost impossibly, a real girl?

A: Who knows? I’m not taking any more letters with stories from 2003.


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