April 16, 2024

Business Opportunities!

Listen to the radio and you have to be impressed with how many business opportunities are out there. There seems to be no end to the sure-fire schemes people are hawking on the air waves.

Let’s face it. How good can it really be if the people promoting it have to beg you to get started? Do you really want to squander your life savings on a phone card business? How about stuffing envelopes? Wow! Medical billing. There’s an exciting and lucrative career. I, on the other hand, have come up with a system that CAN’T FAIL!

What do successful businesses and good real estate have in common? LOCATION, LOCATION and LOCATION! With the right business in the right location, all you have to do is open the doors and people will stand in line to throw money at you. With this in mind, I’ve been studying maps to determine good locations for many different types of businesses. Often town names provide a clue to what will work. I’ve teamed up town names with likely ventures and present them here to you as another gift from my fertile brain. All of the town names listed here are REAL places. They aren’t made up. If you want to check, look in the Rand McNally Road Atlas.

We’ll start with TENNESSEE:

  • Open a pancake house in FLIPPIN.
  • Build an insane asylum in NUTBUSH.
  • Start a Hallmark store in GIFT.
  • How about a pirate museum in SKULLBONE?
  • A tobacco shop is a natural for CHEWALLA.
  • Grab a Gold’s Gym franchise in MANLYVILLE.
  • ROVER is a perfect place for a dog pound.
  • They need a health spa in RED BOILING SPRING.
  • Your kids can set up their lemonade stand in TEMPERANCE HALL.
  • Why not open a library in SMARTT?
  • Theme parks are big. How about a fitness park in DIFFICULT?
  • Consider a dinosaur museum in BONE CAVE.
  • Imagine yourself as the proud owner of the LOVE LADY Dating Service.
  • Start a tree service in HANGING LIMB.
  • Establish an aquatic garden in DUCKTOWN or TURTLETOWN.
  • Ask Al Gore to sponsor an environmental museum in OZONE.

So much for Tennessee. Clearly our neighbor to the south offers rich promise. What? Did you think I’d stop there? You know me better than that!

Let’s proceed to MISSOURI:

  • A political museum is a natural for LIBERAL.
  • An odds and ends store would do well in PECULIAR.
  • Dollar General needs to open a store in TIGHTWAD.
  • Build a power plant in COAL.
  • Start a cannery in TUNAS.
  • Open a chic, high-end fashion store in PLAD.
  • SLEEPER is a natural for a motel.
  • Who wouldn’t go to the racetrack in COMPETITION?
  • Your money will be safe in the SAFE bank.
  • Build your heavy-duty sawmill in LEADWOOD.
  • MOODY probably needs a counseling center.
  • If you really want a sure thing, open any business in SUCCESS.

In ILLINOIS, you could:

  • Open a travel agency in PASSPORT.
  • Open a bar in BOOS.
  • Be the first to open a liquor store in GOODWINE.
  • Dig a canal in PANAMA.
  • Start a church in PROPHETSTOWN.
  • Run a successful specialty shoe store in BIG FOOT.

Now, just for fun, let me list a few more town names from these three states and challenge YOU to come up with some business ideas. Ready?

Here they are: Finger, Arp, Boma, Mascot, Vibbard, Sarcoxie, Scopus, Cabool, Braggadocio, Festus, Loogootee, Kickapoo, Mooseheart, Nishnabota, Soddy Daisy, Humansville, Number Eight, Ferbile, Lively Grove, and Rapatee.

Any suggestions? I can’t wait to hear your ideas. No fair claiming I took all the easy, good names for myself and left you with all the hard ones. Send them to info@sedonausa.com.

Ha, ha! I dare ya!

See ya around,


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