April 21, 2024

Big Bird Protests

The Excentric World Really Big Story staff take a close look at the most recent protest to flare up at a university in the United States. On the heels of the election and the debates, characters from Sesame Street hit the streets to alert Congress that they won’t stand around like puppets on a string while federal funding is slashed so millionaires can keep more of their ill-gotten booty. Statistics show that children who watch Public Television grow up displaying a higher aptitude than those who are confined to sugar coated cereal sponsored cartoons–unless the cartoons were from the varietal works of The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show–especially Aesop’s Fables and Mr. Peabody and Sherman traveling in the Wayback Machine. Charges would be filed later against the trigger-happy campus officer for fowl et al. pepper spraying.

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