April 25, 2024

Efforts to Save on Rising Fuel Costs

Excentric World staff members take a look at Americans’ efforts to save on rising fuel costs.

This motorist is a prime example of why you may not want to trade in that gas guzzling truck for a fuel saving compact. While the forklift operator argued that the vehicle could not withstand the weight of the load the homeowner ordered, the driver insisted his car had no problem carrying his order home.

Judging by the photograph, the driver misjudged his car’s hauling capabilities by just a bit. The forklift driver, who snapped this picture, said the car’s axle had broken and the tailpipe rested firmly on the ground. In defense of the driver, this was his first home improvement project and he had only hauled his wife and her family in this vehicle before. He estimated the weight of the lumber as about the same as that of his wife and her family. He later said he never had them ride on the roof before and that was the cause of his miscalculations. He also confessed his home project would be put on hold until he paid to repair his car.

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