February 25, 2024

Getting in Better Shape

The Excentric World staff looks at the number one New Year’s Resolution: getting in better shape. Fitness centers are cropping up in every city to keep up with the desire to bulk up and slim down. Fueling even more interest in Americans maintaining a healthy weight and body mass is the threat by health insurance companies to punish the obese, or reward the thin, depending on your mirror’s point of view. With the glut of high calorie foods that are associated with the holiday season and the sedentary lifestyle brought on by colder weather, Americans tend to gain more weight from November through February than any other time of the year. That would also explain why getting fit is the number one resolution chosen to greet the new year. An example of dedication to fitness is portrayed in this photograph of a couple of young, seemingly fit men accelerating their visit to their local fitness center by using the lift.


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