September 21, 2023

Husbands & Wives

Continuing with the husbands understanding their wives theme, our super crack Excentric World investigators look at the odd ways in which men choose to communicate their feelings. While it is doubtful that the owner of this Volkswagen Golf is a man, as most men would leave this vehicle for their wives to drive while they zip around town in the coupe, it is certain some maladjusted male, with decent printing skills and a finger most likely wiped on the side of his pants, scrawled this message onto the back of this SUV.

Choosing to express his innermost feelings about his marriage on the back of a dusty vehicle, the author’s wife’s car is probably in the parking garage where she works. It looks as if the owner of this vehicle was recently parked at a child’s ballfield or playground where it picked up the dirt covering. The good news is, since it is most likely being driven by a woman, it is sure to be washed soon. The bad news is the man who wrote his secretive desires on the back of this car will never have his wishes fulfilled. She is good friends with the SUV’s owner.


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