April 25, 2024


cur-mudg-eon (cur-muj’un), n. [origin unknown] 1. archaic: a crusty, ill-tempered, churlish old man. 2. modern: anyone who hates hypocrisy and pretense and has the temerity to say so; anyone with the habit of pointing out unpleasant facts in an engaging and humorous manner.

“The good people sleep much better at night than the bad people. Of course, the bad people enjoy the waking hours much more.”
— Woody Allen

“Let him who would enjoy a good future waste none of his present.”
— Roger Babson

“Nobody is more dangerous than he who imagines himself pure in heart; for his purity, by definition, is unassailable.”
— James Baldwin

“Every man knows his follies and often they are the most interesting thing he has got.”
— Josh Billings

“I believe in getting into hot water; it keeps you clean.”
— G. K. Chesterton

“Repentance is not so much remorse for what we have done as the fear of the consequences.”
— Francois de La Rouchefoucauld

“I prefer the wicked rather than the foolish. The wicked sometimes rest.”
— Alexandre Dumas Pere

“I hate mankind, for I think myself to be one of them, and I know how bad I am.”
— Samuel Johnson

“The unfortunate thing about this world is that the good habits are much easier to give up than the bad ones.”
— W. Somerset Maugham

“The wages of sin are death, but by the time taxes are taken out, it’s just sort of a tired feeling.”
— Paula Poundstone

“Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess.”
— Oscar Wilde

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