April 25, 2024

Bugs: The Other, Other White Meat

Inside the News

DYSFUNCTIONAL POLITICS NEWS: Three members of a Michigan city council have abstained from voting on a measure that would have prevented them from abstaining on future votes. Two council members voted yes, and two voted no. With the three abstaining from voting on abstaining, the motion failed. This is what happens when the public abstains from voting. We get the best politicians money can buy.

GOT YOUR GOAT NEWS: A goat, possibly headed to slaughter, made a daring escape into traffic on a busy highway in New Jersey. The animal managed to evade Jersey City police officers for nearly two hours, zigzagging across lanes of traffic on the Pulaski Skyway, causing traffic jams and a minor accident. The goat eventually tired, was caught and delivered to a local animal shelter, where she waits for her owner to come forward to claim the horny beast. People are reconsidering their restaurant order of Cabrito Asado.

TAXATION WITHOUT INTOXICATION NEWS: The Czech Republic is the world’s leader in per-capita beer consumption of around 140 liters per year. Hard alcohol made from flavored ethanol is widely available in bars, stores and market kiosks, and popular among poorer Czechs. Industry experts have estimated illegal liquor makes up 15-25 percent of the market. Czech police recently found a million liters of illegal alcohol hidden in underground tanks, or $15 million in tax revenue.  Perhaps with Apple accountants and American tax laws, they could go legit.

THAI ONE ON NEWS: Researchers say Thailand is showing the world how to respond to the global food crisis by raising edible bugs. Cricket farming alone is already a $30 million industry there, but only a few other species have been commercially marketed. In Thailand, insects including grasshoppers and bamboo worms have long been a part of diets. Bugs: the other, other white meat.

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