February 1, 2023

Ruined for Good

There’s something to be said, I think,
For living in a place
That’s been completely ruined by
The lofty human race.

Take trees. Yes, trees! Please take them all!
Their worth is under par!
Once gone there’d be no leaves to rake
Or sap upon my car.

And birds. Yes, birds! Just beaky nerds!
They’re dirty, loud, and mean!
I’d love to walk in silence on
A sidewalk that stays clean.

And, flowers! What a crock they are!
Without their lurid blooms,
No allergies, or killer bees,
Or sweet and cloying fumes.

I’ve had enough of all this stuff.
And, it is plain to see,
That for about ten-thousand years
It’s had enough of me.

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