April 25, 2024

Up with Cats

I’ve given up on women, and
I’ve taken up with cats!
Cats never preach the sins of salt
Or saturated fats!

I told my woman, yesterday,
That cats would be my life.
She smiled, and said, I think that cats
Will make a splendid wife!

I’ve thought for years that cats and you
Would get along quite well–
You both are low, and sneaky, and
Exude a fishy smell.

You prowl around in dark of night,
And no one knows just where,
And when the morning light appears
You slink back to your lair,

And yawn, and scratch, and lick your paws,
While I make sure you’re fed.
And, then, when I trudge off to work,
You crawl back into bed!

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