April 21, 2024

AA for Dummies

Dear Frankly,

I’m 43 years old and in my 10th year of recovery in a 12-step fellowship. I separated from my wife of 11 years recently. I have reconnected with a woman I met in the same group many years ago. We were friends and fooled around a bit, but it didn’t stick. She has a steady job and is buying a house. She left the program some years back and drinks socially. I’m afraid if I get too close I could fall off the wagon. What should I do?

Confused Karl

Dear Confused,

Let’s review…While you were in AA you cheated on your wife. You separated from your wife, and are dating the woman who left the program you cheated on your wife with. Your situation leaves me fatigued and in need of a stiff belt. Find the book, “Staying Sober for Dummies.”

Dear Frankly,

My best friend has been dating a woman, Susie, for a couple of months. Her best friend, Jean, and I are old friends. Jean and I began dating too, more for a lack of anything better to do. We have double dated and now I think I am attracted to Susie. She seems to really like me, too. I think maybe we are even falling in love! If I make my move, I could lose the friendships of both Jean and my good buddy. What do I do?

Bewildered Bernie

Dear Bewildered,

So, your best friend finds someone he likes and you hone in on his girl like some horn dog. I may have met my fifth husband while on a double date, but at least we were out in the open about it. At the movie theater, we made out while both our dates were getting popcorn.


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