February 25, 2024

Age Ire

Dear Frankly,

I am 54 and just broke up a 10-year relationship with a younger man. He is 45. Now he has a girlfriend who is 28. We have been apart for a little more than a year. But now it bothers me that he has this girlfriend and I don’t know why. I know I have to move on and get over him. I was OK until I found out he had someone else. I can’t stop thinking about them. Do most women do this or is something wrong with me?

Ticked Off Terri

Dear Ticked,

My fourth, and much younger, husband dumped me for some young, sweet thing. When I told him they would have nothing in common and would have nothing to talk about, he told me that was a bonus. I hope at least she’s making him out his money where his mouth is.

Dear Frankly,

I have been involved for six years. We have been through a lot and I love him dearly. During the first year of our relationship, he fathered a child from a previous relationship. We worked through it. The same woman became pregnant again, and recently this woman gave birth to a third child, fathered by him. Now he’s talking about marriage. I love him, but I just cannot trust him anymore. What should I do?

Unsure Ursula

Dear Unsure,

I know, wait until he has a fourth child by this woman, marry him and have everyone move in together. You can work and they can stay home and make babies.Have you realized yet that if he’s procreating, he must be having unprotected sex? Are you nuts? Get out now!


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