February 28, 2024

Bet the Better

Dear Frankly,

I am the wife of a compulsive gambler. He didn’t start out that way, but in the past four or five years he has become hooked on betting on everything from professional sports to our kid’s soccer matches. Friends are afraid to show up at sporting events in fear he will approach them. How can I stop him? It would be easier if he was losing money, but he has won enough to recently buy me new car.

Worried Wife

Dear Worried,

I like that you waited to get a new car before writing to get him help to stop his gambling addiction. He probably bought the kids a bunch of games and toys and I’ll bet you own a little jewelry, too. Start small. Bet him sex that he can’t go a week without gambling. You’ll get laid as he goes through withdrawals.

Dear Frankly,

I am a teenage girl trapped in my parent’s house. As soon as I reached puberty, my mother and father refused to let me go out at night with my friends. I have to be home by 7 o’clock every night, even weekends. While my friends are cruising the mall, going to movies and just hanging out at each other’s house or the park, I am at home doing my homework or watching lame television with them and my little brother. How do I convince them I can be trusted and should be allowed to be treated like my friends?

Lost Youth

Dear Lost,

What is it with today’s teens? I had to be in my room at a very early hour each night. Luckily, it was usually light enough to see my way around after slipping out the window. Be creative.


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