September 21, 2023

Boyfriend Thievery

Dear Frankly,

I’ve known this guy for about 4 months and he’s my best friend. We have a lot of things in common and we just seem to click. The problem is my friend who introduced us has liked him for 4 years. He pretty much ignores her now and spends time with me. We keep sneaking around so she won’t see us together. When I told her I liked him she got upset. I want to pursue this relationship. Is there a way to tell her we’re becoming a couple without hurting her feelings?

Running Rhonda

Dear Running,

I wonder how long your friend liked this guy before she introduced the two of you. She is right to be upset that she is being ignored after 4 years. You kind of just moved in on her didn’t you? Is this the first guy you’ve stolen? Give him up, thief.

Dear Frankly,

I work with a lot of women, many of them quite good looking. When I hang out with these women in a social setting, they act as if I don’t exist. I try to flirt effectively, compliment them, and look in their eyes and they just ignore me. People say I’m attractive, but I seem to strike out with these women every time. Why don’t they like me? Am I doing something wrong? How can I flirt more effectively?

Worried Working Wally

Dear Worried,

You didn’t send a photo. Maybe the people who said you were attractive are lying. After all, even some of the homeliest guys get lucky once in a while. I suggest you try hitting on a stranger. I think you’ll have better luck with someone who won’t have to face you day after day at work.

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