September 21, 2023

Covertly Sowing His Oats?

Dear Frankly,

I am a bit confused about my relationship. My boyfriend and I have been dating for more than five years. Things are going well and we have plans for marriage in the future. My confusion comes from my wanting us to live together. I don’t see the big deal, since we plan on spending the rest of our lives together. He says the time isn’t right. Is he balking because he still wants his freedom to roam and sew some more wild oats or am I being overly suspicious? What should I do?

Made for Marriage

Dear Made For,

In my years of experience with men, I have found that when a man says he needs space or wants time with his friends or other crap like that, it’s code for I want the opportunity to have a roll in the hay and lie about it later.

Dear Frankly,

I’m tired of you bashing men. Every time you answer a letter from some whining, overly sensitive girl, who probably wrote to you during her “special” time of month, I want to throw up. I have yet to find a case where you support the male point of view. Just because men like magazines with pictures of fine looking women, watching and playing sports and playing the field doesn’t make us evil. We care about other things, we just don’t show it. Give us a break!

Manly Man

Dear Manly,

The only reason you are able to play the field is because of the unbalanced ratio between men and women. Lower the odds and you end up spending your time playing with your little friends. From your tone, I expect you throw up a lot.


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