April 17, 2024

Dumped or Dumb?

Dear Frankly,

I met my girlfriend six months ago when she was engaged to someone else. Recently, a group of friends got together. She and I ended up dancing, talking for hours, and then spending the night together–after which she decided she was not ready for marriage and broke off her engagement. A week later, we decided to be an exclusive couple. Now, after only one month together, she has decided that we rushed things and need to step back. She would like to “start over” and date other people, too. Did I just get dumped or what?

Confused Guy

Dear Confused,

The merely obvious will do. I wouldn’t get my hopes up about a long term relationship with a woman that dumped her fiancee for you. You seem like a nice boy. Now go get a life.

Dear Frankly,

After six great months with a great guy, I am starting to fall in love. I am not sure of what he wants at this time and had written him an email asking for his thoughts. His response was to email me back, saying that he would answer my question (by email) at a later time because he had meetings scheduled at work. I saw him recently and I brought up my question again and offered him the option of emailing me. It is hard for him to talk about what he is feeling. He said he would send me an email. No reply yet. What now?

Anxious in Love

Dear Anxious,

If he can’t tell you to your face that he wants to get serious or keep his options open, he won’t write it either. I say start dating and see what Mr. Can’t-Make-a-Commitment’s reaction is then.


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