June 6, 2023

Fraidy Sadie

Dear Frankly,

I am a first time writer. My boyfriend of five years seems afraid to make the plunge and ask me to marry him. I am wondering if I shouldn’t take the reins and pop the question. By forcing the issue, he would have to commit or admit he has no long term plan with me in the picture. Why is it men always have to propose? Why can’t women ask men to marry them?

Ready to Wed

Dear Ready To,

I asked my fourth husband to marry me after a few months of hot and heavy dating. He didn’t hesitate. I think he thought that because I had been married three times before that I really knew what I was looking for in a man or he figured I walked away with some big divorcee or widow money. He was wrong on both counts.

Dear Frankly,

I’m a married accountant. Everything about our relationship for the last twelve years is pretty normal, except maybe for the fact that I like to dress up in my wife’s clothes. I usually wait until she’s out bowling or playing BINGO with her friends and put on some old Gloria Gaynor music and dance around the house. My wife doesn’t know that I do this, but I’m thinking of telling her, as her outfits are getting a little tight and I need to shop. Should I tell her?

Big J. Edgar Fan

Dear Big J. Edgar,

Isn’t that just like a man? Rather than get your big butt off the couch and cut down on the chips and guacamole, you’d risk your marriage for a few new dancing outfits. What dressing room would you use? Have you even thought of that?


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