February 25, 2024

Junior Partner

Dear Frankly,

I have always looked for older men, but now I find myself in love with a man a few years my junior. I have not been this happy since my kids were born. He is very tender and loving, and his family has accepted me with open arms. I wonder, though, if he will get bored and look for a younger woman in a few years. What happens when I get flabby and sagging? Am I the only older woman who thinks this?

Happy Hannah

Dear Happy,

Good for you, honey. It’s about time we girls get ourselves some of the young men out there looking for experienced women. My fourth husband was ten years younger than me. I taught him everything he needed to know about pleasing a woman. If your man leaves,  there’s Viagra.

Dear Frankly,

I am of East Indian descent and come from a very good family background. A boy from abroad has asked for my hand in marriage, and my parents accepted his offer. We are expected to marry early next year. My parents say I will learn to love this boy, but in my heart I know I never will. I am in love with a boy no one knows about. I love only him and no one else, and if my parents found out I would be in big, big trouble. What should I do?

Devoted Daughter

Dear Devoted,

The longer you let your parents think that you are a willing participant in this ancient ritual, the harder it’s going to be on them when they find out you’re cheating on your new hubby with lover boy. Tell them you kissed Richard Gere in public.


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