February 28, 2024

A Litmus Test for How Serious He Is

Dear Frankly,

A very significant boyfriend from my past recently used the Internet to find me. He said he had looked for me over the years (it has been 8 years since we split up.) This is the one man with whom I had actually discussed marriage very seriously with. We e-mailed and text-messaged each other often for a couple of weeks. He was flirty and sweet–the way I remembered him. After a few weeks of talking and one date, which went very well, he suddenly stopped contacting me. After a month, he reappeared, and then went away again. Any suggestions?

I’m Going Round in Circles

Dear I’m Going,

It sounds to me like this guy is playing you to keep you around just in case he doesn’t find his Ms. Right. Tell him you have an STD and can’t wait to see him.

Dear Frankly,

Why do women ignore men and play immature little phone games? They see my number on the caller ID and don’t pick up, or listen to my voice mails and do not respond. They also read the texts I send but don’t text back. To me, these are signs that a woman is not interested. Yet, when I get the message and stop calling, she starts calling me–and the cycle begins again. When a woman really likes a guy, she chases after him. How can I turn it around and play the same game with a woman?

Reject on the Rebound

Dear Reject,

That has to be the most pathetic, whiney letter I ever read. If a woman doesn’t return your calls, forget about it. Stop the voice mail and text messages already. Since you are so good with a phone, try a hot-line.


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