April 25, 2024

Marry Your Sister’s Ex?

Dear Frankly,

I am involved with my sister’s ex. We are in love and have recently moved in together. I am hoping our relationship be accepted by our families. I am worried about hurting my sister’s feelings. We found out that it is legal to marry each other here. He has asked and I want to. I guess what I’ve been looking for is someone’s blessing. My sister left the marriage and I cannot help that things worked out this way. Is there any way I can overcome our family issues?

Confused Carla

Dear Confused,

When would it not be legal to marry your sister’s former husband? The only reason I can think of anyone being upset is if she left him because of you. I am used to getting my sister’s sloppy seconds, so it doesn’t seem like such a big deal to me.

Dear Frankly,

My mother knows that I am sleeping with my boyfriend but forbids us to have sex at our house. We can’t go to his house because his grandmother won’t let a girl up into his bedroom. This leaves public places as the only choice, which my mother says is fine with her. I am, however, worried about getting caught. I am aware that it is against the law. What would happen to us if we were caught?

Secret Sally

Dear Secret,

The punishment depends upon your state. Your mother thinks you’re too scared to make love in public. Truth be told, teens fooling around is the main reason drive-in theaters closed. The grandmother may seem to be the only reasonable person here. But what if her grandson were not heterosexual?


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