April 17, 2024

Online Lying

Dear Frankly,

I need some advice. I answered an online personal ad, but lied about a few things–like my age, education, hobbies, weight, job and income level. Now I am supposed to meet this woman for a drink at a local watering hole. We will each be carrying a white rose for identification. This gal sounded so interesting and her profile and pictures looked so good, I just had to meet her. I’m afraid she is going to be disappointed and run out before she gets a chance to find the real me.

Misleading Marv

Dear Misleading,

I’m not sure you know who you really are. My fourth husband lied on his application, but I let him fall for me anyway. If this woman turns out to be a three out of ten, stop at nothing short of stalking to win her over.

Dear Frankly,

I was dating a guy who works as a bounty hunter. At first, I was impressed by his muscular physique and his confidence not to be intimidated by any person or situation. I have recently had a change of heart and am afraid to break it off with him for fear he may get angry and lose control. How do I make a clean break without having to look over my shoulder every waking minute? Please tell me what I should do.

Frady Kat

Dear Frady,

Witness protection. My second husband and I were in witness protection. That’s where I came up with the name Frankly Fanny. I liked it so much, I have kept it for years, through three more husbands, in fact. Reinventing yourself can be real fun. Start dating a federal marshal.


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