September 25, 2021

Online Role-Playing

Dear Frankly,

My dad has found an online role-playing game with live people and everything, but now he is talking to them more than his own family. He doesn’t even eat dinner with us so he can play this stupid game. He doesn’t understand that as much fun as he is having with his game, he is hurting us. It is also getting in the way of my parents’ marriage. They have been married for 20 years; I don’t want it to end because of my dad’s childishness. How do I tell him to stop? Should I just delete the game without telling him?

Concerned Daughter

Dear Concerned,

My fourth husband suffered a middle-age crisis. It cost him his marriage and a lot of alimony. Perhaps you can get an alimony and child support game installed on his computer.

Dear Frankly,

I need help! I’ve been dating this guy for three months and things are slowly starting to change already. When we first started dating he used to call me often. Now, he hardly calls, he never gives me compliments, and he spends all his spare time with his male friends. Something funny is that he was the first to say “I love you” (which I thought was odd since we had just started dating), but he hasn’t said it in months. I asked him if anything was wrong and if he wanted to be with someone else and he said no. I care for him and do everything in my power to make him happy, but things remain the same. What gives?

Disappointed Girlfriend

Dear Disappointed,

You give. As long as you do, he’ll keep on taking. Lock up the love kitty and he’ll change fast.


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