February 6, 2023

Proceeding Perplexment

Dear Frankly,

I have been married to the same man for more than twenty years. The emotional attachment is pretty much gone now and we have developed our own circle of friends and interests. We see each other at dinner time a couple of days a week and go together to social functions that involve our work places. Neither of us has had the nerve to broach the subject of divorce, but I fear both of us feel it is inevitable. Should I initiate the proceedings or wait it out?

Soon-to-be Single

Dear Soon-to-be,

The tone and temperature of your letter lead me to believe that you and your husband are lawyers. Study the tax laws and get it over with. I realized how much money I’d save by divorcing my fifth husband. Of course, he didn’t fare so well.

Dear Frankly,

My boyfriend and I evacuated New Orleans right before Katrina and have yet to return. He is a failed philosophy professor with no ambition and holds me responsible for his entire self-worth and well-being. He makes a quarter of my salary, yet insists on living a lifestyle that my money affords. The only reason we’re together is because we’re displaced and need each other’s comforts. I’ve tried to end it more than once, but he always talks me back. What should I do?

Gambling Girlfriend

Dear Gambling,

You can’t be serious. Someone should take you aside and scream some sense into you. At least you’re not married and won’t get stuck paying the bum alimony. Get out. Get out now. Run. Don’t look back.


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