February 28, 2024

Shameless Brother

Dear Frankly,

My mother lives on Social Security and has very little savings left since Dad died last year. I manage her affairs, and encourage her to save for emergencies. The problem is my 38-year-old brother. He can’t keep a job and is burning through the little bit of savings she has. It has reached the point that Mom is now hiding food in her own house so she’ll have something to eat. Any advice on how to deal with my brother?

Bothered Brother

Dear Bothered,

Are you aware of interventions? I suggest you have a family gathering, perhaps a reunion, and shame your brother into going out on his own and getting a job. Then tell your mom to put her money away, take a long cruise and find an exotic island spear fisherman.

Dear Frankly,

Our daughter’s landlady has become very close to our family. She and her husband are included in many of our family’s social events. My problem is she is allergic to garlic and we are Italian and cook just about everything with it. I feel it’s an imposition to accommodate one person by omitting a key ingredient in a dish. It’s inconsiderate for someone to expect me to leave the garlic out. What do you think?

Mad Mamma

Dear Mad,

The nerve. She expects you to cook without garlic just because she could break out in a rash, choke, go into shock and keel over and die? I would tell her to bring her own food if she can’t eat Italian. And garlic? I might accept milk, nuts, eggs, shellfish or wheat, but garlic? Harumph.


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