February 28, 2024

Sisterly Encouragement

Dear Frankly,

My younger sister needs to lose weight and quit smoking. She is in her forties with one son nearly college age. Far be it from me to interfere, but I have genuine concerns for her health and well-being. What should I do to encourage her without upsetting her and causing her to add depression to her list?

Stubborn Sister

Dear Stubborn,

Well, a first read of your letter gives a tone of concern. But then I started to see that your sister may have issues because she has always had to deal with her perfect little Miss Priss older sibling. I bet that you constantly teased her and berated her while you two were growing up. You’re probably the reason she smokes and overeats. Far be it from you to interfere? Butt out and she’ll be just fine, dear.

Dear Frankly,

I can’t stand a man who is a good friend of my boyfriend. If I was not dating my boyfriend, I would have absolutely no contact with this person. I used to keep a list of all the stupid things he did. I gave up, he is such a fool. I am civil towards him, but that is all. This man has apologized for some of his mistakes, but he hasn’t proved he wants or deserves my friendship. In all honesty, the less I have to do with him, the better. My boyfriend’s request is that I make amends, and I am finding this difficult. Any suggestions?

Grated Girlfriend

Dear Grated,

If your boyfriend insists you lower yourself to his friend’s level, he isn’t much of a boyfriend. Sometimes guys hang out with losers so they don’t look like such big jerks.


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